Our training center:

Our training courses are exclusively intended for our Software customers, users of our ERP events and plan management products of the Klipso brand. We provide non-certifying training actions.
The training center is integrated into the production and digital customer support department. We provide services internally to our customers.

Training program :

- Management of  Trade Fairs and Events - GSM
Room Planning Management - GPS
Eole GSM - the website for your event
- Microsoft Visio
Visio GSM

GSM is a Trade Show and Event Management software (ERP) 
GPS is a Room Planning software (ERP)
Eole GSM is the content management tool (CMS) for registration websites and trade show monitoring
Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Visio GSM are software from the Office suite for drawing event plans

Animation team :

- K. VEY

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Quality indicators:

As of December 3, 2021
- For 3 years, 808 trainees have participated in 231 training sessions.
- Satisfaction index: 90% of trainees are satisfied or very satisfied.